Rookie Mistake!

9 Oct

The SI Half Marathon couldn’t have been on a more beautiful day…temps in the low 60s, sunny skies, and a light wind.  Combine that with the 2 days off I decided to take before the race as well as this being my first race in about 18 months.

What do you get?

Me starting entirely WAY too fast.

Being patient in a race has never been my strong point.  I usually get frustrated with the huge crowds at the startline and consequently spend the first mile or so weaving in and out of the smallest gaps  between other runners I could find.  My fear during a race is that I start too slow the first few miles and then have to play catch up the rest of the race to get my pace down to what I want it to be.  So the result is that I usually overcompensate and go out faster than I should.

Yesterday was no exception.  I ran the first 3 miles in 7:07, 6:57, and 7:08, and the average for the first 6 miles was 7:13 – about 15-20 seconds faster per mile than my goal.  Also take into account that while the course is fairly flat, there are a few steep inclines over the final half of the race (it’s an out and back course).  So by the time I hit the first hill at mile 7.5, my legs were shot.  My 8th mile was an 8:04 pace!  Thankfully that was the worst of the hills, but I had a hard time finding a comfortable rhythm after that first hill.  I spent the rest of the race praying the miles would pass and that I could finally rest.

I ended up running (according to my garmin), around a 1:37:40 – which averages out to about a 7:25 pace.  So despite starting too fast and hurting the last few miles, it’s only about 3 minutes off my PR (4 years ago).  Overall, a beautiful day and a great run!!

*Note: According to NYRR, I finished in 1:38:57.  From what my watch read as well as what other runners were saying after the race, the course appeared to be about .15-.20 miles too long.

**For my splits, please go to:

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