Sparkly Soul

11 Oct

I would consider myself to be a (fairly) serious runner.  My running shoes, clothes, and accessories need to be functional.  No matter how cute that running skirt is, I’ll never justify wearing it if I’m going to be pulling it down every quarter of a mile (or worried that I’m showing more than I should be!!).  I’ve worn the same brand/model of shoes, socks, and shorts for the last 5 years.  Once I find something I like, I tend to stick with it.  
But that doesn’t mean that I can’t feel or look like a girl when I’m out running.  I admit – I put on mascara, I wear diamond stud earrings, and I color coordinate my outfit (down to matching hair ties and sports bras).  Doing these things do not take away from my running abilities.  

Up until recently, I had yet to find a headband that I was satisfied with.  I need a headband that:
– keeps my hair/bangs out of my face
– is tight enough to stay in place during a long run
– doesn’t give me a headache by the end of a run
– retains it’s elasticity over time

Of course, I would love a headband that did all of the above while also looking cute!  I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on headbands that never measured up to my expectations.  

My pile of failed headbands

And then I found Sparkly Soul.

Sparkly Soul was created by a marathoner and triathlete who was facing the same frustration as myself and many other female athletes.

Finally, a headband that keeps my hair out of my face, doesn’t give me a headache, doesn’t rip my hair when I take it off, and doesn’t move (it didn’t budge at all on my 22 mile training run or the half-marathon I just raced).  

But, best of all,  Sparkly Soul headbands look AMAZING while being functional.  
Sparkly Soul headbands have 360 degrees of  sparkle.  They come in 10 great colors – so it’s easy to color coordinate with the rest of my running outfit.  And they come in a thick and thin band – I prefer the wider ones because I feel that they keep my shorter hair around my face in place better.

Needless to say, I am hooked – I have worn Sparkly Soul on EVERY single run since the day I tried them almost two months ago.  And I don’t plan on wearing any other brand again!!
 For more information or to purchase a Sparkly Soul headband, please visit:

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