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Christmas List for Runners

3 Dec

Since the holiday season is upon us, I decided to do a Christmas Wish List for Runners – things that your runner friend, sister, husband might like for Christmas this year!  

Under $25
– Add a little sparkle to that special woman in your life this holiday without spending hundreds of dollars!  Sparkly Soul Headbands are a great accessory for any runner looking for a functional, yet flattering headband.   Check out my review on Sparkly Soul headbands.  Headbands cost $15-17 (depending on width). 

Nuun optimal hydration is an easy way to stay hydrated.  The tablets dissolve quickly in a glass of water, taste great, are low in calories, and contain a ton of electrolytes.  It costs $24 for one box (4 tubes=64 tablets), but if you order more than 1 box, each costs $22.  *Free shipping until Dec 9th

– My husband purchased a Road ID bracelet for me when I was pregnant – it was one of the best gifts I every received.  I now wear it on every run I go on.  It contains your vital information (name, who to contact, phone #s) that can be used in case of an emergency while you are out running.  They range between $15.99 (for the slim – pictured below) to $29.99 (for the elite version).

– Running Books / Running Magazines – a few of my favorites include:
     – Run Like a Mother
     – Running Times
     – Born to Run
     – Couple on the Run (haven’t read it yet, but plan to!)

– There’s always room on your Christmas list for some jewlery!  The Run Home is an amazing site for handcrafted sterling and nickel silver running inspired jewelry and ornaments.  Prices range from $18-31 and include the personalization of your item. *Free Shipping on all orders

Under $50

Wearing DryLete Arm Warmers
for the NYC  Marathon

Saucony running apparel offers a wide selection of running shorts, tees, winter gear, and accessories for both men and women. (Some of my apparel is Saucony so if you have any questions, please let me know).  Saucony has a great holiday gift guide on their site with gifts ranging from $25-150. Additionally, feel free to check out Mile-Posts blog – she has done a number of Saucony apparel reviews!  *Use the code “mileposts” to save 15% off your order. (Discount code courtesy of Mile-Posts).  Currently offering Free Shipping (until Dec 16th).

– One of the best gifts to give your runner is a pair of Yurbuds.  If your runner is like me, then they have likely shorted out entirely too many headphones to count due to excess sweat or rain.  Yurbuds have a twist lock technology that lock into place for a secure fit that never fails out and are both sweat and water resistant.  They range in price from $29.99-59.99 (although the most popular model is the Yurbuds Ironman Inspire ($49.99).  

Under $100 
– If you know of a specific race your loved one plans on running in 2012, a great gift is the race entry fee.  Fees can range from $5-10 for a local 5k to upwards of $150 for the larger, more popular marathons (NYC, Boston); however, most entry fees are typically under $100. 

If there is no budget (or if you are doing some holiday shopping for yourself!)
Nordic Trak offers a wide selection of treadmills, ellipticals, incline trainers, and bikes ranging from commercial through elite series.  The website already has many items on sale (some for 1/2 price) and free shipping.  *Use the code “anothermotherrunner” to save an additional 10% off your entire order – valid until Dec 31st.  (Discount code courtesy of Another Mother Runner)

Any other ideas for the holiday wishlist? Let me know in the comments!!