About Me

Paul (my husband), AJ (my son), and me at AJ's Christening

My name is Michele King Gonzalez.  I was born and spent the first 17 years of my life on Staten Island.  After graduating from St. Joseph Hill Academy in 1999, I attended the United States Military Academy, West Point where I graduated and was commissioned a 2LT in the Army in 2003.  I spent 6 years as a Military Intelligence Officer on active duty, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, with the 4th Infantry Division.  During my time in the army, I was deployed to Iraq three times.

I’ve always enjoyed running, sports, and working out.  I grew up playing multiple sports and running was a way for me to stay in shape for those sports.  However, I really fell in love with running during my last deployment.  It was from December 2007 until February 2009 and was, by far, the longest and most difficult time in my life.  I turned to running as a way for me to clear my head from the long hours (most days were 7am – 11pm), allow me uninterrupted time to think about my family back home, and put me in a better mood when I returned to my desk.

I have a 9 month old son, AJ, born Jan 9, 2011.  I was fortunate enough to have a very easy pregnancy and was able to run throughout the entire 9 months (up until the day before AJ was born) and was on the treadmill 5 days after delivery.  Now, I try to get my runs in before my husband, Paul, goes to work, but when that doesn’t happen, I take AJ out for a jog in the running stroller.  Running with a stroller is no joke!!

Enjoying a stroller run with mommy!

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